PHA 6247 Introduction to Pharmacy Informatics


Introduces the theory and concepts of pharmacy informatics and health informatics. Develop the knowledge to discuss the nature of health informatics as an important discipline; and recognize different methods used to analyze fundamentals of workflow process analysis, system redesign, usability, and human factors.

  • Credit(s): 3
  • Course Format: Asynchronous
  • Required:    This is an elective course.
    • (GMS 6224) Foundations in Precision Medicine: Medical Molecular Genetics
    • (PHA 6134) Foundations in Precision Medicine: Genomic Technologies
    • (PHA 6935) Foundations in Precision Medicine: Genetic Epidemiology
    • (PHA 6120) Principles of Pharmacogenomics

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of health informatics and pharmacy informatics in improving the quality and safety of patient care.
  • Recognize the importance of data standards in healthcare systems.
  • Describe some common data standards currently used in pharmacy area.
  • Explain the difference between Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Personal Health Records (PHRs).
  • Understand important health information technology within EHR system such as automated dispensing system (ADS), clinical decision support (CDS), computerized order entry (CPOE)
  • Apply fundamentals concepts of human-computer interaction and human factors in workflow process analysis and system redesign.
  • Analyze human errors and apply usability evaluation methods to design Electronics Health Records (EHRs).
  • Recognize the use and potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods in pharmacy practice
  • Describe the emerging of telehealth and telemedicine and how they can be used to support clinical service.