Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy Online Graduate Certificate

Now enrolling for online classes starting Fall 2024.

The University of Florida’s online graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence is designed to meet the needs of working professionals seeking specialization in the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence.

Course content will allow students to master artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) concepts and applications specific to pharmacy practice, from drug development to genomic medicine. Online graduate certificate students will learn to optimize medication management and health care delivery for improved patient outcomes and more efficient health care operations.

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Career Outlook

AI and machine learning are transforming pharmaceutical research, clinical practices, and health care operations, creating high demand for professionals who can apply these technologies in pharmacy settings. With expertise in leveraging AI/ML for drug development, medication management, and patient care optimization, graduates will be well-positioned for emerging specialized roles and career advancement opportunities in academia, industry and health care organizations.

Program Overview

This nine-credit online graduate certificate program can be completed in one year (12 months) or three semesters. Typically, most students opt for the one-year plan, while some working professionals may take more than one year to complete. Students have up to seven years to complete the program from the date of admission. Please note that students who not enroll in at least one class for more than two consecutive semesters will become inactive and need to reapply for readmission into the program.

Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy Graduate Certificate

Required Courses

Course # Course Title Credits FALL SPRING SUMMER
PHA 6241 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy 3
PHA 6247 Principles of Pharmacy Informatics 3
PHA 6134 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Genomic Technologies 1
GMS 6224 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Medical Molecular Genetics 1
PHA 6138 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Genetic Epidemiology 1

Graduation Requirements

In order to earn this certificate, students must complete all required courses with a grade of C or higher and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must apply to graduate in their final term.