Personalized Medicine

The M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Personalized Medicine (30 credit hours) was designed to meet the needs of those working in a healthcare or industry setting, research, teaching, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. The program explores topics in pharmacogenomics, genomic technologies, medical genetic implementation and other clinical applications of precision medicine. This program is best suited for non-clinicians.

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Graduates will earn a M.S. in Pharmacy with a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a concentration in Personalized Medicine from the University of Florida. Your transcript will read Master of Science in Pharmacy, graduation date, major Pharmaceutical Sciences, concentration Personalized Medicine. Your diploma will read Master of Science in Pharmacy.

designed for working professionals


On average, completion of the program ranges from 2 to 3 years. However, students have flexibility to complete the courses at their own pace while still working. Students who do not enroll in at least one class for more than two consecutive semesters will become inactive and need to reapply for admission to their program.

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Tuition is $448.73 per credit hour plus fees regardless of residency status. Students in the Personalized Medicine concentration can take additional courses from the Individualized Medicine program as electives, but will pay $650 per credit hour for those enrollments.

Career Outlook

Careers focusing in genomic medicine and pharmacogenomics require a very specialized skill set. This program was designed for those interested in learning more about precision medicine and pharmacogenomics who are currently working or plan to work in one of the fields listed below.

  • Academician
  • Bioinformaticians
  • Clinical laboratory technologist or technician
  • Clinical Operations Manager
  • Data scientists
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy (D.O)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Registered Nurse
  • Field application scientist
  • Genetic counselor
  • Geneticist (includes sales consultant or administration)
  • Industry professional
  • Laboratorian
  • Medical geneticist
  • Medical scientist
  • Molecular scientist
  • Pharmacogenetic specialist or counselor
  • Researcher or research project manager

Current Job Postings

Master’s Curriculum

Course # Course Title Course Type Credits Weeks
PHA 6134 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Genomic Technologies Required 1 5
GMS 6224 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Medical Molecular Genetics Required 1 5
PHA 6138 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Genetic Epidemiology Required 1 5
PHA 6120 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Pharmacogenomics Required 3 16
PHA 6746 Patient Education and Communication in the Era of Precision Medicine Elective 1 5
PHA 6184 The Pharmaceutical Research & Development Process: Foundations and Impact on Individualized Medicine Elective 3 16
PHA 6725 Ethics in Genetics Elective 3 16
PHA 6613 Clinical Applications of Precision Medicine: Precision Health Elective 3 16
PHA 6136 Clinical Applications of Precision Medicine: Oncology Elective 3 16
PHA 6935 Advanced Concepts in Oncology Elective 3 16
PHA 6241 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Elective 3 16
PHA 6247 Introduction to Pharmacy Informatics Elective 3 11
PHA 6935 Literature Survey in Precision Medicine (by invitation only) Elective 3 16
PHA 6936 Individualized Study (by invitation only) Elective 3 16
PHA 6935 CAPSTONE: Final Comprehensive Exam Required – Final Semester 1 16

Additional requirements:

  • A minimum of 24 credit hours of elective coursework must be completed in addition to the 6 credit hours of required foundational courses, including the 1 credit CAPSTONE/Comprehensive Exam.
  • Students graduating in the Fall/Spring must enroll in at least 3 credits during their final semester of coursework. This includes the required comprehensive final exam (1 credit hour).
  • Students graduating in the Summer must enroll in at least 2 credits during their final semester of coursework. This includes the required comprehensive final exam (1 credit hour).
  • The comprehensive final exam must be taken during the student’s final semester. No exceptions will be made.