PHA 6120 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Pharmacogenomics


Formerly known as Principles of Pharmacogenomics

This course covers the foundational concepts underpinning pharmacogenomics research and implementation.

Topics include the pharmacogenomics of drug metabolizing enzymes, drug transporters, adverse drug reactions and drug interactions. Students will gain familiarity with pharmacogenomics database tools and learn about real-world examples of pharmacogenomic test implementation.

  • Credit(s): 3
  • Course Format: Asynchronous
  • Required: Yes
  • Prerequisites: Students must have basic knowledge of genetics and molecular biology. Must be taken prior to enrolling in an elective.

Relation to Program Outcomes

This is a required foundational course and covers information pertaining to the following overarching program competency:

Apply current and emerging developments in genetics, genomics, pharmacogenomics, clinical informatics, value-based medicine, pathology and ethics to integrate genomic medicine into practice