PHA 6137 Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation


This course will provide an overview of the use of pharmacogenomic data to inform clinical and therapeutic decision making for gene-drug pairs across a range of conditions. It will also explore ways to implement use of pharmacogenetic tests in patient care. Course content will  address barriers to clinical implementation of pharmacogenetic tests by referencing appropriate guidelines and evidence-based and peer-review recourses.

  • Credit(s): 3
  • Course Format: Asynchronous
  • Required: This is an elective course.
  • Prerequisites:
    • (GMS 6224) Foundations in Precision Medicine: Medical Molecular Genetics
    • (PHA 6134) Foundations in Precision Medicine: Genomic Technologies
    • (PHA 6935) Foundations in Precision Medicine: Genetic Epidemiology
    • (PHA 6935) Principles of Pharmacogenomics

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the key components and steps required for the successful implementation of pharmacogenomics in clinical practice.
  • Describe clinical pharmacogenomics service models.
  • Discuss reimbursement strategies for various care models.
  • Compare and contrast approaches to clinical laboratory testing in pharmacogenomics.
  • Describe the key steps to incorporate pharmacogenomic information into the electronic health record with clinical decision support.
  • Discuss the economic value of pharmacogenomics and current perspectives of payers on preemptive pharmacogenomics.