PHA 6134 Foundations of Precision Medicine: Genomic Technologies


Genomic technologies are emerging technologies used to manipulate and analyze genomic information. The course content will focus on current developments and emerging trends in genomic testing, clinical and research applications of emerging genomic tests, role of computing and data science, and applications of bioinformatics in genomics. The objective of this course is to help you understand how data from current and emerging genomic tests are generated, analyzed, stored, and potentially used to inform research or clinical decision-making strategies. This is a 5-week, 1-credit online graduate-level course.

  • Credit(s): 1
  • Course Format: Asynchronous
  • Required: Yes.
  • Prerequisites: This is the first of three required foundational courses to be taken in sequential order. Students must have basic knowledge of genetics and molecular biology.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss the application of methods used to identify genomic variation in the clinical setting.
  • Describe and critically evaluate a range of up-to-date genomic technologies and platforms used to sequence targeted parts of the genome or whole genome.
  • Assess precision medicine laboratory tests and patient-specific data to determine the clinical utility of a pharmacogenomic or genomic test.
  • Practice interrogating major data sources, e.g., of genomic sequence, protein sequences, variation, pathways, (e.g. EVS, dbSNP, ClinVar, etc.) and be able to integrate with clinical data to assess the clinical significance of the genome result.
  • Discuss and critically appraise approaches to the bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of genomic data.
    • Discuss statistical methods