Comprehensive Medication Management Online Graduate Certificate

The University of Florida’s online graduate certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management combines elements of comprehensive medication management and medication therapy management while incorporating pharmacogenomics to develop an individualized patient-centered care approach. Also covered are business principles and considerations for implementation of a medication management progra

Program Overview

This 12-credit online graduate certificate program can be completed in 1 year (12 months) or three semesters. Typically, most students opt for the one-year plan, while some working professionals may take more than one year to complete. Students have up to seven years to complete the program from the date of admission. Please note that students who do not enroll in at least one class for more than two consecutive semesters will become inactive and need to reapply for readmission into the program.

Comprehensive Medication Management Graduate Certificate

*These three required foundational courses (9 credits) must be completed to earn a Graduate Certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management issued by the Graduate School of the University of Florida.

Elective Courses (choose one)

Course # Course Title Credits Weeks
PHA 6443 Case Studies in Clinical Pharmacogenomics 3 16
PHA 6935 Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation 3 16

Students must choose on of the two elective courses to complete the Graduate Certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management.