M.S. Degree Plan

The M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Clinical Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine (31 credit hours) integrates pharmacogenomic and personalized medicine principles into medication management, emphasizing patient-centered individualized care. This program has a pronounced clinical focus and practical application to clinical practice. Students will develop clinical skills so healthcare providers can select the most suitable drugs and dosages for each patient based on unique DNA, aligning with the principles of precision medicine.

Your advisor will work with you to develop a individualized course plan to meet your specific educational and professional needs.

Timeline for the Master’s of Science

The Clinical Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine master’s can be completed in 2 years (24 months) or six semesters. Typically, most students opt for the two-year plan, while some working professionals may take more than two years to complete. Students have up to seven years to complete the program from the date of admission. Please note that students who do not enroll in at least one class for more than two consecutive semesters will become inactive and need to reapply for readmission into the program.

Course Progression

*These four required foundational courses (6 credits) must be completed prior to enrolling in any elective coursework and were designed to provide students with a solid foundation in personalized medicine (precision medicine) and pharmacogenomics.

Credit requirements:

  • A minimum of 25 credit hours of elective coursework must be completed in addition to the 6 credit hours of required foundational courses, including the 1 credit CAPSTONE/Comprehensive Exam.

Comprehensive Exam (must be taken during final semester)

Course # Course Title Credits Weeks
PHA 6935 CAPSTONE: Final Comprehensive Exam 1 16

The University of Florida requires that you are registered for the following number of credits during the term you are graduating: 

  • Students graduating in the Fall/Spring must enroll in at least 3 credits during their final semester of coursework. This includes the required comprehensive final exam (1 credit hour).
  • Students graduating in the Summer must enroll in at least 2 credits during their final semester of coursework. This includes the required comprehensive final exam (1 credit hour).
  • The comprehensive final exam must be taken during the student’s final semester. No exceptions will be made.