Reneé Nacin

Renee Nacin

Senior Clinical Pharmacist CQM at the University of FLorida

Reneé Nacin, Pharm.D., M.S.

See how the online program in Medication Therapy Management helped Reneé enhance her career and love for learning.

Why did you choose the online Medication Therapy Management Master’s Degree Program?

I was looking to further my career and distinguish myself from other pharmacists. I reviewed residencies and the master’s program and decided it was the best fit for my family and lifestyle, since I could continue to work while attending classes online.

What surprised you most about the program?

Patient individualization. I was impressed by the amount of detail given to each disease state taught in the program. We focused on the pathophysiology, as well as the treatment options available to each one. It allowed me to look at each patient as an individual and integrate my comprehensive knowledge to think about what was best for each patient’s therapy.

What was your favorite part of the online learning experience?

Being able to review lectures was a valuable asset. I enjoyed the ability to pause, research, and replay information I was not as familiar with. Overall, this allowed me understand the information.

What has been the most useful takeaway that you have applied to your day-to-day responsibilities?

Before attending the master’s program, I considered myself a good pharmacist. However, I lacked the ability to think of a patient’s needs “outside the box.” Upon completion of the program, I understand how to appropriately identify and prioritize a patients medication related problems or concerns. This has given me the ability to look at each patient as an individual and collaborate with a healthcare team to enhance their quality of life.

How has furthering your medication therapy management education affected your current work?

With the superior learning opportunities offered by the master’s program, I was able to attain a Board Certification in Ambulatory Care (BCACP). This is an accomplishment that I do not feel I would have previously been able to complete. I am currently a full time MTM clinical pharmacist with the Center for Quality Medication Management at the University of Florida. I have stepped away from retail pharmacy and now focus primarily on patient care. The master’s program offered the clinical knowledge to enhance my love of learning.