Gregg Russell

Gregg Russell

Pharmacist and founder Fort Wayne Custom Rx

Gregg Russell, Pharm.D., M.S.

Learn more about 2015 graduate Gregg Russell, and see why MTM helped him make a career switch and further his own business.


Professional Life: Graduated in 1984, Butler University, B.S. Pharmacy, Indianapolis, IN; 2001, University of Florida, Pharm. D.; 2015, University of Florida, M.S. in MTM. I have a diverse background working in both Hospitals and Community pharmacies. I founded an Independent, compounding pharmacy, that specializes in high-end nutritional supplement, Women’s health, and wellness.

Personal Life: Married, 3 daughters, and 3 grandchildren. I enjoy woodworking, bicycling, exercising, traveling, and reading.

Why did you choose the online Medication Therapy Management Master’s Degree Program?

Pharmacy as a profession is transforming rapidly. Getting paid to dispense commercial medications is becoming obsolete. I felt the need to learn new skills to help me manage patients with Chronic diseases. The medical profession as a whole needs to be better in managing these patients. For example, the rapid increase in patients with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes is creating such a need which I think pharmacist can contribute.

What surprised you most about the program?

It is amazing how technology has improved the learning experience. Compared with the old days of learning in a library, today with proper guidance you can get more information quicker with a home PC.

What was your favorite part of the online learning experience?

I liked that most of the information that I learned about were related to chronic diseases that I see day-to-day. The teachers offered many useful pearls of information. Also, being able to review the videos as frequently as I needed, was helpful for me in the learning process.

What has been the most useful takeaway that you have applied to your day-to-day responsibilities?

I think that being able to better understand the disease process, and what the current clinical practice guidelines state about which medications are best for the disease, has helped me better help my patients get the most out of their prescription therapies.

How has furthering your medication therapy management education affected your current work?

I have incorporated Medication reviews in my nutritional business. The combination of the two, has positioned me as the leader in my market. We currently charge by the hour for this service and it is both professionally and financially rewarding.